An Introduction to Trademark Searches

Beginners Guide to Conducting a Trademark Search

If you are the owner of a registered trademark many people think they can sit back and relax and that their work is complete. However, this is not the case. Your business must conduct a regular trademark search to ensure the safety and security of their intellectual property. These reasons will become evident in the following article as we try to simplify the importance of a comprehensive trademark search for all business no matter how big or small.

The intricacies of a trademark can get overlooked by many companies as the importance of trademark maintenance is not fully understood. A complete understanding of the in and outs of a trademark and gaining knowledge behind conducting regular trademark searches can only look to improve your brand, its exclusivity and its security to give your company longevity within your target market.

Trademark Searches


An Introduction to Trademark Searches

The common misconception about a trademark is that once it has been set up and registered it can be left, the job is done. But this is not the case maintenance of trademarks and conducting a trademark search is far broader than many people realise. Therefore, first, we must understand what a trademark search is and how they can be administered correctly.

Searching for a trademark is far more than just an online search, they are not restricted to just a search of a keyword or phrase, the search can also be conducted on a trademark number, image or owner. This search doesn’t only crawl external databases for the presence of a registered trademark but also will return the result of unregistered brands. A trademark search consists of much more detail where a search can be filtered by territory not only local but on an international scale to display the trademarks that are being used corresponding with your search terms.

Why Conduct Regular Searches of Your Trademark

Failure to keep up with regular trademark maintenance as discussed can have a detrimental effect on your business and your brand. If trademark searches are neglected at crucial stages, this could prove disastrous for your trademark. Intermittent trademark searches after the initial preliminary search should be conducted regularly to highlight any possible infringements to your trademark. These searches outline significantly similar marks that are being used and can affect the exclusivity of your brand allowing you to file for potential trademark infringement. If at these key stages a trademark search has failed to be conducted it may result in an inability for you to protect your registered trademark and diminish.

Event Agency

Planning a big corporate event can be a daunting task, which is why a lot of people will go to an Event agency.

An event is a chance to showcase your business or unveil a new product so if you choose to do it yourself, you may miss details, or overlook possibilities, so rather than trying to create your own event why not go to the professionals.

An event agency is there to organise a quality event, they will know the market and know all the services you need to make the event a hit. A good agency can make an event successful, so you can focus on other tasks.

Choosing the right event agency can feel almost as stressful as actually planning the event yourself. Normally going with an event agency that has been recommended or suggested by a company that has already used them is the best way to go, have a look online at reviews, by doing this you can see some of the other events they will have hosted so that will help you make your decision.

A decent event agency should be able to deliver intelligence and creativity to you; they should work with you and help bring your ideas to life. You should expect flare and innovation and be safe in the knowledge that the event agency you have picked will deliver a successful and exceptional event.

An event agency should be all about bringing people together and promoting a sense of inclusion to you and your clients. They should promote client retention and networking. They should help a brand or company engage, connect and evolve.

A good event agency will be full of team players, who are passionate and talented and can deliver amazing results.

Most agencies will be happy to take on big or small events, whatever you require they should be able to deliver. The overall result should make your job easier as they manage it for you, delivering a spectacular result. They should be able to manage every aspect of your event, leaving you free to mingle with your clients and enjoy the party along with everyone else.

Even if you have a clear idea of what kind of event you would like to create, and just need a slight hand to help, an event agency should be able to step in a quarter or half of the way through and help out! They should be able to fully understand your business behind the event to ensure your expectations and needs are met.

Event Agency

Event Agency




TUPE stands for “Transfer of undertakings (protection of employment) regulations 1981” it has recently been updated so now stands for “Transfer of undertakings (protection of employment) regulations 2006” the law has been amended in 2014 and again in 2018, with various provisions within the 2006 regulations have altered.

The TUPE regulations are in place to preserve employee’s terms and conditions when a business or undertaking is transferred to a new employer.

The regulations have been put in place to protect the employer from being dismissed and to ensure that the employee’s terms and conditions are followed.

It is in your best interests not to opt-out of TUPE, if you do your employment is treated as immediately terminated and you would lose the right to claim for unfair dismissal.

For the employee TUPE is an entitlement and is not an obligation, this could have a negative effect though and your existing employer could decide they do not have enough work for you and you could be made redundant.

The purpose of TUPE is basically to protect employees when a new business takes over from an old one. Its effect is to move any employees from the old employer to the new employer by operation of law.

Your new employer is not allowed to reduce your salary or change other terms of the workforce just to bring them in line with lower wages being paid to its existing workforce, this would most definitely be a breach of TUPE.

If you refuse to be part of the TUPE process your rights will become very limited, you may be able to negotiate a new contract and a new role with the new employer. An employee can object to a TUPE transfer, you do not have to give a reason but if this is done the employment will be treated as the employment is coming to an end on the date of the transfer.

Some various helplines and websites offer free information on TUPE and its procedures.

What You should Know While Installing Parking Barriers

Parking barriers are of great necessity as far as safety is concerned. Fortunately, the technological world has changed a lot. As a result, there is the rise of the use of automated parking barriers. There is a variety of automatic barriers. However, while choosing or installing a parking barrier, there are many factors to consider. The article illustrates and lays out the necessary details you need to know.

manual car park barriers

A good parking barrier should be furnished in both the right-hand and left-hand versions. All the versions should have self-locking gears to lock the arm in open as well as closed positions. If at all a power failure comes up, the arm can be either raised or lowered manually. The manual raising and lowering should be done without even opening the cabinet. Besides, an automatic should have an electronic control panel. It will play a role in allowing the adjustment of speed with the help of the adjustment system. Additionally, it should have a detection device system so as to offer immediate reversal as well as stop movement. They should also give a possibility of installing useful features like keypads, photocells, safety flashers, and key switches on the barrier’s cabinet. While choosing one, make sure that they accept inputs that are from all access control systems, for instance, radio transmitters and photocells.

Besides, there are various characteristics that good parking barriers should stand to have. Firstly, it should have a simple automation solution that can be adopted quickly. Also, parking barriers should be economical in the sense that they should not consume lots of power. While installing one, it is prudent to a barrier that has low voltage potential. At the time of establishing a parking barrier, be it manual or automatic; choose a location that is suitable. By that, make sure that it is free from obstructions in all positions, that is, the raised as well as the lowered positions.